Webinar: Rural Broadband & Digital Transformation - Lessons from India

Webinar: Rural Broadband & Digital Transformation - Lessons from India

Tejas Networks’ CEO Sanjay Nayak will be one of the lead speakers in the Rural Broadband & Digital Transformation – Lessons from India webinar, to be held on 6th October.

The Covid-19 crisis has heightened the sense of urgency among governments to bridge the growing digital divide between their urban and rural populations, with the Indian government an early leader in recognising the potential of digital transformation for achieving large-scale socio-economic impact.

India has successfully rolled out world's largest greenfield rural broadband network (BharatNet) and has created innovative foundational software platforms, on top of which many applications have been built to deliver a wide array of citizen-centric services.

The Lessons from India webinar will explore the success of Bharatnet, discussing the network architecture that made the project possible and exploring the innovations that it brings to India.

Tejas’ Sanjay Nayak will be joined by Arvind Gupta, the Head of the Digital India Foundation, with the panel moderated by the Editor and Director of DigiAnalysys, Pravin Prashant.

Our eminent panel will offer an insightful, interactive discussion, examining how new business models can reduce rollout costs and increase user adoption, how foundational software stacks can be used to create an open innovation platform, exploring the long-term benefits and socio-economic impact of large-scale digitization, and identifying how best practices can be replicated in other markets. 

Webinar | October 6, 2020 - 5.30pm SGT / 3.00pm IST / 10.30am BST 

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